A software firewall can protect a system from standard control and access attempts, but have trouble with more sophisticated network breaches. A firewall is considered an endpoint protection technology. In protecting private information, a firewall can be considered a first line of defense, but it cannot be the only defense. Firewall Types

The firewall remains a vital component in any network security architecture, and organizations have many types of firewalls from which to choose. It's essential that IT professionals first identify the type of firewall that best suits the organization's network security needs -- traditional, NGFW or UTM, hardware-based, virtualized, etc. computer class Flashcards | Quizlet global network of Several networks linked together.) physical infrastructure that lets us communicate with others across. The best type of firewall protection for a network is. hardware and software. The purpose of a firewall is to. block unwanted information from reaching your computer or computer network. Best Network Security Software | 2020 Reviews of the Most

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