EarthVPN Review EarthVPN has been making waves recently (pardon the mixed metaphors!) thanks to offering a very low cost service that keeps no logs and provides some very high-end features. Some people have thought the deal so ‘too good to be true’ in fact, they have accused it of being a honeypot (quite without any evidence whatsoever!).

EarthVPN Software: The EarthVPN software can be downloaded to multiple operating systems, including Windows 8, Mac OS and Linux and can be used on a variety of platforms including desktop, laptop, mobile or tablets. EarthVPN Support: EarthVPN offer a complete support service 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Customer support is via email contact. EarthVPN Review - Best VPN for Getting Past The Great Firewall Of China 5:06 AM - 5 Jun 13 Mar 23, 2020 · Speed and performance Before we make any statement on the speed, it is important to note that any VPN service you use will definitely reduce the speed of your connection. As we connected to the internet through the EarthVPN client, we noticed a drop in the connection speed. EarthVPN users can connect from anywhere in the world to access servers located in 54 different countries as well as 190 physical location servers, strategically placed across six continents to facilitate user’s requirements via the fastest speed, minimum latency, and continuous connectivity. EarthVPN is a low-cost VPN but it has very slow server speed and is not recommended for streaming. It doesn’t unblock US Netflix and keeps your connection logs. It tracks your original IP address which is a bit of a shocker and doesn’t have live chat support.

Final Notes: EarthVPN is a provider of choice for people looking for an affordable VPN service with servers everywhere around the world. Download speed was very good in our tests so it was clear that the servers are not overused. We rate EarthVPN at 6/10 against other paid VPN providers.

Speed. Nici EarthVPN, nici PureVPN nu excelează când vine vorba de viteze, dar atunci când fac streaming sau navighează pe web, sunt ok. Serverele EarthVPN par să aibă probleme cu viteza pentru torrenting sau pentru folosirea P2P. EarthVPN is a really interesting VPN solution and for sure one of the cheapest out there on the market. We have tested it, so keep on reading for more information about EarthVPN in this review. EarthVPN currnetly has servers in 32 nations and that makes it a quite big VPN provider, providing more nations than providers such as purevpn.

EarthVPN 54 Countries & 190 Locations - Speed and Latency Test […]

But overall, EarthVPN has a lot of great features, and a great user interface. Speeds. The speeds were great. I did not experience any slow downs on my connection. All downloads downloaded at my full speed, and I did not experience any slow downs on any servers. Of course you cannot expect %100 speed when you are connected half way across the