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Oct 12, 2019 · Netflix has warned that it's ending support for some of Roku's oldest players after December 1st, including the Roku HD, HD-XR, SD, XD and XDS as well as the NetGear-branded XD and XDS. I just purchased a Roku 2 and it works fine on my Samsung TV that is 2 years old. However on my Sanyo that is 5 years old it shows "no signal." I have tried turning the TV off, unplugging it for 60 seconds, both hdmi ports, 3 hdmi cables, hooking up hdmi first to Roku, hooking up power first to Roku, hooking it up while the TV is off and while Unlike last year's Roku Wireless Speakers the smart soundbar works with any TV (although pairing it with a Roku TV would be the height of redundancy since both TV and bar have Roku built-in). The May 23, 2019 · Works with: Roku 1, 2, 3, 4, Ultra, Express, and Premier. If a 3-device remote doesn’t work for you, The RCA RCR6473E remote is only $4 more, supports up to 6

Oct 12, 2019

The Apple TV app is compatible with these Roku set top Roku 2 4205X, 4210X Roku 3 4200X, 4230X; All the TV shows Apple has in the works for Apple TV+. Apple Music app bug reportedly causing sporadic battery drain. Save up to $30

Feb 28, 2017

Roku players work in the same way with both Alexa and Google Home speakers but not as well. Netflix doesn't work and you have to remember to say "Roku" at the end of every command ("OK, Google YouTube TV is now available on select Roku devices - The Verge Feb 01, 2018