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The shared secret is the password that clients use to connect to the RADIUS server. It's located in the "client.conf" file in your freeradius configuration directory. Note, that this shared secret is used to secure RADIUS traffic. User names and passwords of users which are authenticating via EAP are stored in the "users" file.-- Jason Wittlin radius-server_key.html - Cisco shared-secret Preshared key used to authenticate communication between the RADIUS client and server. The preshared key can include any printable ASCII characters (white spaces are not allowed), is case sensitive, and has a maximum of 63 characters. Security Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Everest 16.6.x Apr 26, 2020 User and Client Authentication for Remote Access Select the Service - RADIUS (on port 1645) or NEW-RADIUS (on port 1812 service). Note - The default setting is RADIUS, but the RADIUS standards group recommends using NEW-RADIUS, because port 1645 can conflict with the datametrics service running on the same port. Enter the Shared Secret that you configured on the RADIUS server

Nov 16, 2018

Enter the RADIUS server shared secret in the Shared Secret field. The alphanumeric Shared Secret can range from 1 to 31 characters in length. The shared secret is case sensitive. This Shared secret is used in an encryption process to obscure certain details in RADIUS messages such as user passwords. Configuring RADIUS Client and Associated

May 22, 2019

RADIUS shared secret also helps to identify if the message has been modified during transit. It is also used to encrypt some of the RADIUS attributes like passwords which are highly sensitive information. Given the fact that this RADIUS secret key plays a vital role in secure communication, it should be selected such that it is large, at least Solved: how to retrieve the Radius shared secre - Cisco