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Hi, I'm running GoLand 2017.3.3 x64 on Windows 10 (my company laptop) and I try to clone a GIT repository from Github via the company proxy. When going to File > Settings > (search for prox Creating Kubernetes liveness and readiness probes Mar 30, 2018 Debugging Go Code with Visual Studio Code | DigitalOcean Dec 12, 2019 go get没反应?启用goproxy.cn代理 - 我,魔术师 给笔记本上个水冷?很酷的样子。能不能实现非侵入式? 2020-3-29 09:59:04 永远不要忘记,创造时的快乐 2019-12-15 21:18:19 其实昨天就开始搬数据了,结果一不小心把数据库给删了。 又折腾一遍。好在是 …

May 22, 2020

Install goproxy for Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft Oct 13, 2017

go get没反应?启用goproxy.cn代理 - 我,魔术师

proxy.OnResponse(hasGoProxyHeader).DoFunc(func(r*http.Response,ctx *goproxy.ProxyCtx)*http.Response { r.Body.Close() return goproxy.NewResponse(ctx.Req, goproxy.ContentTypeText, http.StatusForbidden, "Can't see response with X-GoProxy header!") }) we close the body of the original repsonse, and return a new 403 response with a short message. goproxy.asia