Jan 23, 2018 · Learn this SIMPLE and AWESOME DECEPTION SHOT and trick your friends and opponents! STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL. TIPS and a detailed description further down. ===== Support me on Patreon and get your

Disguising this shot is the key to its success. To disguise it use a big upper body turn to make the opponent think a clear or smash is going to be hit. The purpose of this shot is to catch your opponent out and make them stretch when playing their reply, hoping to force an … Badminton Drop Shots Read More » Feb 29, 2020 · How to Play Badminton. Who wouldn't want to play the world's fastest racket game? Badminton can be played with two or four players. The object of the game is to score points by successfully hitting the shuttlecock over the net. More durable badminton sets fall in the range of $50 to $100. These are often regulation size and may include volleyball or pickleball. The posts are usually made of sturdy metal. Expensive. Regulation-size badminton sets used by professional players cost between $100 and $250. These are usually heavy, freestanding models with knotted nylon nets. 6. Badminton Scoring System – 21 Points. Badminton Scoring is based on the 21 points system or known as the new rules to most people. Learn how to count your points and serve from the correct position during a badminton game. Your badminton game will become more interesting and fun if you know how the badminton scoring system works. 7. Dec 11, 2018 · The Badminton World Federation rules state that there is a 60-second interval when the winning team scores the 11th point. In addition, two-minute intervals are taken between games. If a match reaches three games, there is a change of ends when the winning side scores 11 points.

The Portugal forward eventually removed his disguise to reveal his true identity to a young boy, who appeared to be delighted at meeting him. From the video footage by Srikanth and Ponnappa, both Indian badminton stars clearly did a stellar job in disguising as older folks.

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Top players learn to disguise their shots, and try to trick the opponent into thinking they're about to hit one type of shot, but then hit a very different type of shot, hoping to win the point by surprising the opponent.

The deceptive drop shot: how to catch your opponent off When executing your badminton shots, always remember to disguise your play so as to keep your opponent guessing. Look like you're going to go for an attacking forehand clear when you're actually about to execute a drop shot and vice versa. Deception overview | Badminton Bible While you are trying to make your shots look the same, your opponent will be looking for subtle clues that reveal which shot you are about to play. You can exploit this by feeding him false information: you want him to believe he has spotted a flaw in your shot disguise, when actually this flaw is deliberate. Badminton - How To Do Forehand Deceptive Shot - YouTube Dec 06, 2010 Badminton Vocabulary | Vocabulary | EnglishClub